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This 8 oz candle is scented with notes of Orange and warm spices, all associated with this chakra.


🧡Orange Calcite is the stone of joy and optimism as well as a creativity enhancer. Closely connected to the Sacral Chakra, Orange Calcite brings enthusiasm.

🧡Carnelian boosts the Sacral need to be courageous and show confidence. It also is a grounding stone to connect the Sacral to the Root.

🧡Sunstone is a stone of simple joys, of finding pleasure in the little things. These three of these crystals put together aid the Sacral Chakra in re-building confidence in one’s self.


The second of the seven major energy centers is called the Sacral Chakra (or Svadisthana in traditional Sanskrit.) Physically located just below the bellybutton, this chakra specializes in creativity through many means.


It disperses sexual energy into forms of expression, creativity and joy.


When blocked, one may experience trouble with reproduction or be artistically blocked.


When in balance, the Sacral Chakra helps us build healthy and inspiring relationships from a place of authenticity and enlightenment.

Sacral Chakra 🧡

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