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Mimí Folco, originally from San Francisco CA, has found her home in Columbia County, NY where she has founded her little witchy business, 'Harvey Mountain Alchemy.' Using Tarot and Astrology as  tools to explore the self and discover a higher consciousness, Mimí has found her passion in helping her clients heal through tranformative periods. She believes that Astrology and Tarot ar languages which can help others understand the deeper aspects of life. Her goal as a reader is to help you achieve the best version of yourself and to value what you contribute to the world arund you.


You may also know Mimí from your local farmers markets where she sells her magically infused crystal candles. Whether you're looking to celebrate somebody's Zodiac sign, are trying to set an intention, heal through Chakra work, or celebrate vintage glassware, she's made the candle for you! 

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Mimí is an incredible reader, both for tarot and astrology. I’m lucky enough to have had both an astrology and tarot reading from Mimí- both of which were incredible. She is an amazing reader in the way in which she makes you comfortable and builds an instant connection with you.  During my (online) tarot reading with Mimí she was able to help me get to the core questions I was really seeking answers for. I felt so much lighter and capable of moving forward with her help and guidance.

As someone who has background knowledge in astrology, Mimí blew me away with her astrology reading. She has a very unique way of seeing the larger picture of an astrology chart, yet also give detailed feedback. She was able to go in depth with concepts I was familiar with, but also able to break things down simply for me when I needed it. 

Whether or not you are getting your first reading or your hundredth reading, I would highly recommend both an astrology and tarot reading from her! She has such a uplifting approach to her readings that is so unique and appreciated.

-C Abbate


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