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This 8 oz candle is scented with notes of Rosemary, Cedar & Patchouli, all of which are associated with this chakra.


🖤 Black Tourmaline is a negativity vacuum. As it absorbs negative energy, it clears your field.

❤️ Garnet provides emotional stability and supports us with a sense of basic belonging.

🖤Smoky quartz assists with release of emotional undoing, washing us clean of guilt, shame, and other deep-seated feelings of unworthiness.

All three of these crystals aid the Root Chakra in giving you a sense of security and confidence.


    The first of the seven major energy centers is called the Root Chakra (or Muladhara in traditional Sanskrit.) With its physical location between the tailbone and groin, this chakra focuses on grounding us through connection to Earth energy.


    It transmutes negative energy into light and acts as an auric filter. It supports our sense of stability and sexuality.


    When the root is imbalanced, we may experience physical symptoms in the reproductive organs or more social symptoms like over-indulgence in basic needs resulting in over-materialism, over-eating, or money hoarding.

    Root Chakra ❤️

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