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This 8 oz candle is scented with notes of Jasmine and Lavender, both associated with this chakra.


💚Malachite being the stone of creation is a fantastic stone to kick any blocks to the Heart straight to the curb with no apologies. Malachite brings insight and comfort in times of deep change.

💗Rose Quartz is the stone of love, be it romantic, platonic, self-served. We are reminded that unconditional love can come from within and can be spread without.

💚Green aventurine is a manifesting stone, boosting the positive outcomes of its surroundings.


The fourth of the seven major energy centers is called the Heart Chakra (or the Anahata in traditional Sanskrit.) Located in the chest cavity, this Chakra is popularly associated with love.


But even more, the Heart is a reminder of our innocent open-ness. Open-ness to the world, to ourselves, to the Earth. The heart connects us to our senses and appreciation of every moment around us, allowing us to fall in love with every minute.


With a blocked Heart Chakra, one may experience heart and thyroid issues, or a lack of abundant relationships.


If balanced, there is a deep well of passion, creation, and sentimentality.

Heart Chakra 💚

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