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Celebrate your birthday with cosmic flair by booking a Solar Return reading with me! Let's kick off your next trip around the sun by diving into the astrological energies at play during this special time. We'll explore how the positions of the planets on your birthday impact your year ahead, uncovering opportunities for growth, love, and success.


From illuminating your personal goals to navigating potential challenges, I'll provide insights and guidance to help you make the most of your solar revolution. Together, we'll map out a cosmic blueprint for the year ahead, empowering you to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and embrace your true potential.


So, get ready to blow out the candles and ignite your cosmic journey with a Solar Return reading that'll leave you feeling energized, empowered, and ready to shine brighter than ever before!

Happy Birthday! Solar Return Reading

  •  If you're seeking specific information or guidance in a particular area of your life, simply mention it in our correspondence after booking, and I'll tailor the reading to address your unique needs and concerns.

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