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This 8 oz candle is scented with notes of Nag Champa & Ginger, both associated with this chakra.


💜Clear Quartz is the holy grail of crystals; it brings you in to sit with your higher self and opens your mind and heart, allowing connection to the Divine to flow through.

💜Selenite is a cleansing and healing stone, transmuting all energy into positive light as well as making space for a higher knowledge.

💜Moonstone connects us with our intuition and with the soft lunar energy needed to connect to our guides and ancestors.


The seventh of the seven major energy centers is called the Solar Plexus Chakra (or the Sahasrara in traditional Sanskrit.) It is the Chakra most associated with connection to the divine or spiritual development.


Physically located at the top of the head, it is the energy center linking us to the sky above us.


Ways to balance the Crown Chakra include meditation and connecting to universal consciousness. If that sounds overwhelming, that’s because it is! If blocked, one may struggle to relax, sit in silence, or to connect to a Higher Power.


Minis are 3 oz.

Crown Chakra 💜

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