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This 8 oz candle is scented with notes of Eucalyptus and Fresh Mint, both associated with this chakra.


💙Sodalite is the stone of communication and truth, perfectly aligning itself with the needs of the Throat Chakra.

💙Blue Lace Agate aids in public speaking or any other situation where the voice is needed to be heard. It is a gentle and calming stone that softly encourages free speech.

💙Turquoise aids us in finding wholeness and manifesting what we communicate out loud. It stimulates the Throat Chakra and is a healing stone.


The fifth of the seven major energy centers is called the Throat Chakra (or the Vishuddha in traditional Sanskrit.) Located in (you guessed it!) the throat, this Chakra can physically affect your voice, thyroid and respiratory system if blocked.


This is the energy center that houses your acts of self-expression. The words you choose to speak and how you authentically communicate from a place of honesty.


When balanced, thoughts flow easily and communication is natural.


Minis are 3 oz.

Throat Chakra 💙

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