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This 8 oz candle is scented with notes of Citrus and Pine, both associated with this chakra.


💛Citrine is popularly known as the stone of abundance and so it is appropriately connected to the Solar Chakra candle as an aid in believing you are worthy of abundance.

💛Tiger’s Eye aids in grounding and acceptance of self. Through both of these stones, we solidify a deep knowledge of our inherent worth.

💛Pyrite is a stone of power and boldness as well as being unafraid.


The third of the seven major energy centers is called the Solar Plexus Chakra (or the Manipura in traditional Sanskrit.) Physically located between the sternum and the bellybutton, this chakra is closely associated with the Fire element.


It takes in Sun energy and delegates vital life force energies to the rest of the body. Here is where we house our personal sense of power as well as our anxieties.


If the Solar Chakra is blocked, one may experience feelings of introversion or insecurity as well as digestive issues.


When balanced, the Solar Chakra helps us connect to our opinions and feel expansive through a sense of self-worth.

Solar Chakra 💛

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